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To lead the Christian church of Southern Africa in developing and supporting world class educators who will establish in all generations the foundations of our Christian faith and in so doing drawing each one of them into a growing relationship with the living God.


The Mission of SANSSA is to focus on Educator Development and Support thereby ensuring Learner Development and Community Building.

Educator development: “Providing outstanding, empowering and comprehensive training.”

Educator Support: “Supplying, enabling and engaging biblically sound resources.”

Teacher training starts with the “DISCOVER TEACHING” course which is intended for prospective teachers to discover their calling in Christ as teachers. Training progresses to the “GO TEACHING” course which provides in-depth teacher training and continues with advanced teacher training courses, leadership training and training for trainers. This allows teachers who have become MASTER TEACHERS to sow their talents back into the newcomers and teach them what they have learnt over the years.

Learner development: “Equipping learners for a life of discipleship”

SANSSA currently facilitates the national SCRIPTURE KNOWLEDGE EXAMINATION (SKE) which is written annually by over 13,000 children in all official languages. Ages from pre-school to grade 12 and teachers are included in the examination. Pre-school children and early grades write oral exams.

Community Building: “Building vibrant communities through networking and social events.”

Community building is limited only by one’s imagination and branches hold a variety of activities such as camps, sports days, swimming galas, Bible quizzes, rallies, conferences, concerts etc.

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